Prince gives cash to pig farmers

29 November 2000

Prince gives cash to pig farmers

By Alistair Driver

PRINCE Charles has donated thousands of pounds to help East Anglian pig farmers whose businesses are being ruined by swine-fever controls.

Spokesmen for the Prince have refused to reveal how much he has given, although one national newspaper has put the figure at 20,000.

He has channelled the money through the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) to the Addington Fund.

The fund was set up to help pig producers unable to move or sell pigs because of restrictions put in place to halt the spread of swine fever.

Many producers have had their income stream cut off and are building up huge debts with feed companies as they struggle to feed their pigs.

The money will help rebuild their businesses, said a RABI spokesman.

The National Pig Association welcomed the donation.

Vice-chairman James Black, whose own family business has been affected, said few people outside farming appreciated the traumatic effects of swine fever.

Individuals were “striving to cope with the misery of increasing debt and long, lonely days in miserable conditions for man and beast alike,” he said.

The Princes donation was revealed to pig farmers in advance to his visit to a stained-glass museum in Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.

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