Prince greets T-bone butcher at Royal

07 July 1999

Prince greets T-bone butcher at Royal

By FWi staff

THE Duke of York has visited and shaken hands with a prize-winning butcher openly selling banned beef on the bone from a stand at the Royal Show.

Prince Andrew was visiting the stand of Peter Allen, managing director of Aubrey Allen Limited, which specialises in joints of Scotch beef.

The Royal Show, held at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, is the annual showcase for the Royal Agricultural Society of England, of which Prince Andrew is president.

Mr Allen, who won first prize at the show for the best stand in the British food pavilion, was selling prime ribs of Scotch beef on the bone for £3.80/lb.

Prince Andrew did not buy or eat any beef, but two rib joints were clearly on display, and assistants on the stand were serving them to the public earlier today (Wednesday).

Mr Allen told Farmers Weekly: “I will sell beef on the bone to anyone who is a caterer, as long as they promise to take the bone out before they cook it.”

The Prince shook hands with Mr Allen, and asked him how he made his sausages and whether he thought Aberdeen Angus or Highland beef was better.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who visited the same stand last year, had expressed a preference for Highland beef, revealed Mr Allen.

Just four months ago, Prince Charles caused controversy when he tucked into a rib of beef at campaign launch promoting beef and lamb in Newport, Wales.

The prince was filmed in March eating the beef in front of television cameras and, on finishing it, described the meat as “absolutely delicious”.

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