Prince in merry dance over barn

17 September 2001

Prince in merry dance over barn

By FWi staff

PRINCE CHARLES has outraged villagers with plans to dismantle and move a barn into the heart of a Cotswolds community.

Approval has been granted for the relocation of a huge straw store from one farm on the Duchy of Cornwall estate to another in Daglingworth, Cirencester.

But villagers fear the large building will ruin their surroundings.

Daglingworth Parish Council chairman Susan Bishop said councillors had opposed the move because the barn would be in plain view for years.

“It will 25 to 30 years before any tree planting to screen it becomes effective.”

One villager said: “It is a working farm but I am concerned about the impact of the building on the village because it is a big building.”

The barn will be moved from High Ton Farm, on the edge of Daglingworth, to Bridge Farm in the village centre where farmer Geoffrey Ripley is a tenant.

Mr Ripley is delighted that the relocation has got permission from Cotswolds District Council because the new barn will give him more storage space.

The district councils principal planner, Marcus Kitchen, said that the royal application did not get preferential treatment.

He said: “It was dealt with in exactly the same way as all the other applications. It happens to have been made by the Dutchy of Cornwall.

“The planning committee felt it was not harmful.”

Earlier this year, Prince Charles faced criticism when he sold another barn for 850,000 after permission was granted to turn it into a luxury home.

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