Probe finds hidden GM ingredients

13 August 2001

Probe finds hidden GM ingredients

By FWi staff

TEN per cent of food on sale in British stores contains genetically modified ingredients without declaring details, according to a new investigation.

Trading standards officers found that one-tenth of food lines they tested contained GM ingredients above the EU limit of 1% permitted they must be labelled.

More than 5% of soya in one product was genetically modified, reports the Daily Mail.

The tests were carried out by in Kent by Medway Councils public protection team and are thought to reflect national figures.

Results have been forwarded to those responsible but the council refused to identify stores and manufacturers involved.

The same newspaper reports that, in Canada, genetically modified oilseed rape has been discovered long distances from where it was planted.

Government farming agency Ag Canada reported different types of oilseed rape weeds resistant to the herbicides which would normally get rid of it.


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