Producers combine to sell local

By FWi staff

A GROUP of East Sussex livestock farmers is hoping to tap into the growing public demand for local produce with the creation of the Sussex Producers Consortium.

“People want locally produced food that has been humanely reared,” believes founder member Clarissa Hallings-Pott.”

She says that, so far, over 30 local producers have expressed an interest in joining the consortium.

Ideally, she reckons over 1 million of funding will be required to get the scheme off the ground and build a state-of-the-art cutting facility.

The local council has already received a 1.7m EU grant, some of which has been ear-marked for the marketing of local produce.

A feasibility study is currently underway, and Mrs Hallings-Pott hopes to have things moving by the summer.

“It is vital such schemes are successful. There are a large number of small farms in the area with heavy clay soils and very small fields; livestock is all we can do.”

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