Producers must sign up for quota cash

By FWi staff

MILK producers will have to sign and return a declaration before the government will pay the 0.156ppl agrimoney compensation, worth 22 million to the sector, announced in March.

In September, quota holders will be sent notification of the net quota they held on 31 March and the amount of compensation for which they will be eligible, said John Kinnaird, vice-president of the Scottish NFU.

Producers will then have to sign and return the declaration to the Intervention Board before payment is made.

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Bruton Knowles

He urged all producers to return their declarations as soon as they received them and had checked the details.

The compensation is worth 900 to the average Scottish dairy farm.”

Payments will be made to all UK farmers who produced milk during the 1999/2000 quota year, based on their net quota held on 31 March.

This will include any quota that was leased in, and quota temporarily reallocated to any producers affected by herd movement restrictions.

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