Producers to push free range eggs

26 November 1999

Producers to push free range eggs

by Alistair Driver

DISASTROUS cuts in prices paid by packers has prompted the British Free Range Egg Producers Association to start promoting free-range eggs.

The British Free Range Egg Marketing Company, which will start operating in February, will undertake a promotional campaign for eggs.

It will target mainly the processed and food service sectors, through which it intends to aggressively market the “free range egg” brand.

The company will also act as an agent in negotiating prices with packers, it was announced on Wednesday.

It will work closely with RSPCA Freedom Food in promotional work and developing quality and welfare standards.

The company will be funded by from joining fees related to flock size, ranging from £350 to £450.

Producers will pay an additional levy of 1% of farmgate egg prices if they have benefited from price increases negotiated on their behalf.

The association has applied for a £75,000 grant from the Ministry of Agriculture to support the promotional work during the first 10 months.

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