Profile of the head of Scottish Milk

27 July 1998

Profile of the head of Scottish Milk

THE SCOTSMAN profiles John Duncan, chairman designate of Scottish Milk.

Scottish Milk is the second largest producer-owned and run business of its kind in the UK, with a turnover of more than £170 million and around 300 employees.

Mr Duncan sees agriculture as becoming increasingly less protected. He says: “Producers in future will have to get more of their returns from the market place, and less from subsidies.” He believes the future of dairy farmers can be best secured through co-ops.

Mr Duncan accepts there is a question mark over the long-term future of dairy quotas. But he anticipates they will stay in place until 2006.

Mr Duncan blames the current oversupply in the UK dairy market on the strength of the Pound, which makes exports less attractive and imports more attractive.

He would like to see a single milk co-operative in Scotland. He also advocates closer co-operation by all interests in the dairy industry.

“Theres a greater need than ever for bodies like Milk Forum, representing all the major buyers, and the Scottish Dairy Farmers Association, acting on behalf of producers, to discuss areas of common interest and concern,” he said.

  • The Scotsman 27/07/98 page 16

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