16 June 2000



8am: Showground opens.

8.30am: Horseshoeing and shoe-making contest begins, continuing all day.

9am: Judging of Highland, Blonde, Simmental, Limousin, Charolais and Aberdeen Angus cattle and Blackface, North Country Cheviot and Ryeland sheep.

9am: Shopping arcade opens to the public, handcrafts displays begin with an all-day demonstration of tapestry and weaving. Fleece competition in the NSA marquee.

9.30am: Angora goats judging, flower show and Food from Scotland exhibition open to the public. Logging demonstrations begin.

10am: Gatemaking and ornamental ironwork competitions judging.

10.30am: Horse logging demonstrations.

11.30am: Fleece competition open to public.

12 noon: Belted Galloway cattle, Oxford Down sheep and prime lamb (live) judging.

12.30pm: Half Bred sheep judging. Show jumping programme begins.

1pm: Clydesdale horse judging, sheep shearing demonstration.

2pm: Judging of Cheviot, commercial, Rouge de lOuest and Border Leicester sheep.

2.30pm: Commercial cattle, Salers, Hereford, Belgian Blue, Galloway and Beef Shorthorn cattle judging. Jacob sheep judging. Shearing demonstration.

5pm: Breed championship for heavy horses.

5.15pm: Overall hunter championship.

6pm: Heavy horse single turnouts.


8am: Showground opens.

8.15am: Highland, Mountain and Moorland pony judging and dairy goat judging.

8.30am: Horseshoeing and shoe-making competitions begin.

9am: Jersey, Dairy Shorthorn, Ayrshire, Holstein, Lincoln Red, Shetland cattle judging, and Bluefaced Leicester, Charolais, Lleyn and Texel sheep judging. Start of horse logging competition and handcrafts demonstration.

9.30am: Flower show opens to the public. Logging competition.

10am: Sheep shearing – blade competition.

10.30am: Forestry pole-climbing competition.

11am: Fleece and forestry awards presentation.

11.30am: Native beef teams competition. Horse logging competition.

12.15pm: Craft fair presentations.

12.30pm: Cheese and butter presentations.

2pm: Main ring parade of prize livestock. Scotch Mule, Shetland, Beltex, Berrichon du Cher and Wensleydale sheep judging.

2.30pm: Young Farmers sheep shearing final and presentation.

3pm: Showjumping in main arena. Dairy goat kids judging.

3.30pm: Scottish Hereford Breeders Association stock judging competition.

4.30pm: Heavy horse unicorn turnouts.

5.30pm: Sheep dog trials.

6.25pm: Heavy horse teams of four turnouts.

8.00pm: Stockmens concert.


8am: Showground opens.

8.15am: Donkey judging, riding ponies under-saddle, Welsh Mountain ponies and working ponies judging. Marks & Spencer Elite Beefbreeder championship.

8.30am: Horseshoeing and shoemaking events all day. Sheep shearing competition.

9am: Junior beef cattle inter-breed championship. Young Farmers stockman competition begins. Handcrafts demonstrations.

9.30am: Flower show opens to the public. Poultry judging.

10am: Heavy horse harness, grooming and decoration competition. Beef cattle inter-breed team judging.

11 am: Junior dairy cattle inter-breed championship. Handcrafts awards presentation. Wool handling competition. Logging competition.

11.15am: Dairy cattle progeny group competition. Judging for the Queens Cup for the best exhibit in the beef cattle classes. Overall beef cattle inter-breed judging.

11.30am: Dairy cattle inter-breed team competition.

12 noon: Dairy inter-breed championship, Sheep inter-breed championship.

12.45pm: JCB dancing digger demonstration.

1pm: Pole climbing competition.

2pm: Main ring parade of prize winning heavy horses, light horses, cattle and goats.

2.30pm: Show jumping. Sheep shearing competitions continue. Finals of the Young Farmers stockmanship competition.

3.15pm: JCB dancing diggers. Wool handling competition final.

3.45pm: Show jumping. Shearing finals.

4pm: Young Farmers tug o war competition.

5.30pm: Presentation of forestry prizes.

5.45pm: Heavy horse pairs turnouts.


8am: Showground opens.

8.30am: Showjumping. Horseshoeing events.

8.45am: Sheep shearing competition.

9.30am: Farm skills pentathlon begins.

10am: Interdenominational service. Showjumping. Logging competition.

11.15am: Heavy horse turnouts – teams of six and championship.

11.45am: Showjumping. Highland dancing competition.

12 noon: Overall sheep pairs inter-breed championship. Clydesdale young stockmans class.

12.05pm: Sheep dog trials. Sheep shearing competition.

1pm: JCB dancing diggers.

2pm: Final of Clydesdale young handlers competition. Final events of farm skills pentathlon.

3pm: Showjumping.

3.30pm: Sheep shearing – Scotland vs New Zealand.

4.30pm: Pony Club games.

5pm: Showjumping.

6.55pm: Massed bands – beating the retreat.

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