Protect best for mildew

14 April 2000

Protect best for mildew

PROTECT new growth at GS32 or earlier for the most cost effective control of mildew, says Banks Agricultures technical support manager, Bob Mills.

Recent cool weather after a dry March has kept the disease at bay and in the east even early-drilled crops of susceptible varieties Claire or Malacca are reasonably clean, he says. "I have not seen any wheat with over 5% infection."

At or below that level of disease 0.1 litres/ha of Fortress (quinoxyfen), costing growers about £7.50/ha (£3/acre), will freeze the existing infection and protect new growth as it emerges.

"It is the most cost-effective approach, compared with the amount of morpholine you will get for the price."

If mildew is more severe at GS32, then fenpropidin at 0.3 litres/ha should be tank-mixed with the quinoxyfen, he says. &#42

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