Protest rallies as WTO talks begin

3 December 1999

Protest rallies as WTO talks begin

THOUSANDS of protesters in cities across the world have taken part in rallies against the World Trade Organisations drive towards a global economy.

The rallies began during the lead up to the WTO talks in the American city of Seattle this week where delegates from 130 countries debated the liberalisation of global trading.

But the largest demonstrations took place in Seattle where 10s of 1000s descended on the city centre, paralysing the transport system and preventing delegates from attending the opening ceremony of the talks.

Most of the demonstrations passed off peacefully but some turned violent with several protesters demonstrating against proposed changes to global farm trading smashing windows at a McDonalds restaurant.

Armour clad police later tackled anti-GM protesters who hijacked a bus and used CS gas and pepper spray to disperse demonstrators who joined in the fracas that followed.

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