Protesters have their say…

26 February 1999

Protesters have their say…

Larry Cooke (farms arable, beef and sheep near Rye, East Sussex): "I am here to help our brothers in Europe in the fight against finance ministers, to make sure all farmers are properly supported. "

Peter Gadd (farms arable and beef at Stragglethorpe, Notts): "Any change in farm policy must be implemented the same throughout Europe, especially environmental payments and national envelopes, where governments will have more control."

Richard Haddock (lowland livestock farmer near Dartmouth, Devon): "I am after a fair deal for all farmers. We have been neglected by our own government and look to the EU for a better deal."

Michael Lambert (dairy farmer from Surrey and NFU milk chairman): "Price cuts should be as fully compensated as possible and any quota increase should be allocated on a linear basis across all member states. There should be additional compensation for those dairy farmers who do no benefit from maize area aid."

Bob Akehurst (sheep and arable farmer near Canterbury, Kent): "I accept that the CAP has to change, but that change must not be too severe. A lot of farmers are really suffering just now. We need better compensation."

Hugh Richards (dairy farmer in south Wales and NFU Wales chairman): "This weeks meeting will determine the future of farming for the next six years. We must ensure that ministers safeguard the future of the family farm and maintain the rural infrastructure."

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