Protestors target anti-hunt MP

PRO-HUNT SUPPORTERS heckled Labour and prominent anti-hunting MP Gerald Kaufman at the pro-hunt demonstration outside the Labour party conference on Tues (Sept 29), reports the Daily Telegraph.

“Those people were almost ready to do to me what I am going to stop them doing to foxes,” Mr Kaufman told the paper.

“Never have I seen faces so contorted with hatred and loathing and, as I find with the fox-hunting issue and the fair amount of correspondence I have received, there is a fair amount of anti-Semitism in it.”

But Mr Kaufman insisted that he will not be moved in his opinion on the subject adding:

“But no baying mob out there, trying to tear my clothes off my back and steal my briefcase and hit me, is going to stop me arguing my case.”

The event also involved a small group of eight protestors who briefly interrupted Tony Blair‘s speech.

The prime minister appeared unfazed and urged any other protestors to get it over with as they were removed by police.

Three of the group were later arrested.

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