Protestors target GM cotton

19 July 1999

Protestors target GM cotton

ENVIRONMENTAL protestors are preparing to mount a campaign against Monsantos genetically modified (GM) cotton, according to a report in The Times.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) has already written to clothing companies asking whether they are prepared to ban GM cotton from their stores.

The Financial Times says FoE has also written to directors of GM food and crop companies, claiming they may be personally liable for any damage caused by their GM products.

FoE says legal claims could arise from cross-pollination of an organic crop by GM crop, which would threaten the farmers organic status, or from allegations that GM ingredients had damaged human health.

Several newspapers report a demonstration which took place over the weekend.

Six people were arrested after the destruction of a field containing GM crops, Thames Valley police confirmed.

The arrests were made at a mass protest being held at the site of a government-sanctioned trial of GM oil seed rape in Watlington, Oxforshire.

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