Prusiner to give evidence at BSE inquiry

15 April 1998

Prusiner to give evidence at BSE inquiry

By FWi staff

THE US scientist who formulated the theory of prions – widely regarded by most scientists as the catalysts of BSE – will give evidence to the BSE inquiry.

Professor Stanley Prusiner, winner of the 1997 Nobel Laureate in Medicine for his research on prions (proteinaceous infectious particles), will give evidence on Saturday 6 June.

In 1974 Prof Prusiner set up a laboratory to study scrapie and in 1982 identified the existence of prions. Many scientists believe that the prion is responsible for the transmission of BSE.

The inquiry was adjourned at the start of April to allow the committee to prepare for the next stage of hearings. It will resume again on Monday 27 April – for about one week – taking evidence from the rendering and animal feed industries.

In June and July evidence will be taken from Government scientists and administrators. The inquiry is due to report in June 1999.

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