Public must believe sludge is safe

21 December 1998

‘Public must believe sludge is safe’

THE public and food retailers must be convinced of the safety of spreading sewage sludge on farms before it can be accepted as a suitable waste disposal system, according to the Scottish NFU.

Its legal and commercial committee convenor, Henry Murdoch, told a local government conference that there was a lot of pressure on farmers to become waste disposal contractors.

“But if its no longer OK to dump it at sea, why should it be all right to dump it on farms?” he asked. “If it is to happen, the public needs to security of independent scientific opinion on what pre-treatment and application methods are required. We think this is a job for the food standards agency,” Mr Murdoch said.

  • Scots union warns on sewage sludge, FWi, 14 December, 1998

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