28 November 1997


TWO new bean varieties, one winter and one spring, plus three novel spring peas adorn the NIAB Pulse Recommended Lists for 1998.

Clipper, a winter bean from PBI Cambridge, comes in with Target-level yield and standing power only just behind. "Its big strength is its very good score of 8 for leaf and pod spot resistance," says Simon Kightley.

Quattro, Seed Innovations new spring bean, is best listed in terms of yield – 2% ahead of Maya. "It has very good standing power, is early maturing, and is another large seeded variety. It might be a competitor for the Victor type export market for human consumption."

Yields of the yellow flowered, yellow-seeded Goldrush were not as good as the best last season, he notes. "They were somewhat variable. So we have put it in the ground for another year for more information on yield and possible suitability for more specialised markets with its large bean size and peculiar colour."

Badminton from Elsoms, Bonanza from Dalgety and Espace from SI make up the provisionally recommended trio challenging listed yield leader Baccara. All have the same potential yield.

French-bred Badminton is a small-seeded white pea. "Its standing, ease of combining and downy mildew resistance are all one point up on Baccara," says Adrian Pickett.

Danish-bred Bonanza is similar in having very small white seeds. "Its downy mildew resistance is rather better, although it is susceptible to wilt."

The Dutch Espace is a large blue unusually yielding as well as the white types, says Mr Pickett. Like Solara it could attract small premiums for micronising, he suggests. "But the key factor will be the seed size which is rather on the small side." Solaras 1000-seed weight is 262, whereas Espaces is only 217. "It may be touch and go whether it meets the premium."

Three new spring peas and a couple of bean varieties join the 1998 recommended pulse lists.


Winter beans

&#8226 Clipper – Top yield with v. gd ascochyta resistance.

Spring beans

&#8226 Quattro – Top yield with large seeds.

Spring peas

&#8226 Badminton – Joint top yield.

&#8226 Bonanza – Smallest listed seed.

&#8226 Espace – Solara replacement?

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