Put child safety first, says HSE

27 August 1999

Put child safety first, says HSE

By FWi staff

MORE care must be taken to prevent children being killed on farms, the Health and Safety Executive has warned.

Three children have died in farm accidents since 1 April, the same number killed in the whole of the previous year.

Children continued to be injured and killed on farms, despite a major education campaign, said David Mattey, the HSEs chief inspector of agriculture.

In the past 12 years, 73 children have been killed on farms.

The three deaths this year involved a five-year-old from Lancashire and four-year-old from Wales who were run over by tractors in two separate incidents.

“Incidents continue to be a repetition of publicised, foreseeable situations, and in many cases parents had direct control of the events which led to the injury,” said Mr Mattey.
“I can only conclude that they were innocents put at risk by the direct or inadequate actions of adults.”

Practical guidance was readily available for farmers, said Mr Mattey, adding: “I cannot accept the comment after an injury to a child that `this was just another tragic accident.”

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