Quick-change system lifts field performance

21 June 2002

Quick-change system lifts field performance

VADERSTAD has updated its cultivation and drilling equipment ranges for the 2002 season with a host of tweaks and revisions designed to increase in-field performance.

"We are making our equipment range much more modular in construction, so farmers will need fewer machines, but they will have plenty of options when it comes to cultivator elements for use on each tool," says Vaderstad UKs managing director, Tim Needham.

"With our quick-change system, it will be easy to select the cultivation elements needed to suit field conditions and soil types," he says.

The firms Carrier model is no exception. With a quick-change kit that retains cultivation elements in a similar way to how telehandlers retain buckets and grabs, users can now choose to fit the machine with one of three different work tools. These can be either two rows of discs for primary cultivation, a combination of ripper and crossboard for working on previously cultivated land, or a straw harrow for trashy conditions.

"The ripper and crossboard tool is the latest option for the Carrier," says Mr Needham. "It has been taken from our Rexius Twin roller/cultivator and its aggressive action is designed for use on ploughing. And the choice will be extended in the future."

The Carrier range has now also been extended to include a smaller model offering a 4.25m working width. It joins 5m, 6.5m and 8.2m wide models.

Further versatility for Vaderstad users comes in the guise of a quick-change knife system that can be fitted to the back of the crossboard tool. The knife system provides an extra cultivating action by operating below the working depth of the crossboard. Each knife is held in place by a pin, allowing simple depth adjustment or replacement when required.

Those operating the Rexius Twin in abrasive conditions might find the firms new tungsten-tipped Marathon point a harder wearing option. Claimed to last up to 10 times longer than a standard point while costing three times as much, the Marathon point should reduce downtime for those who find themselves frequently changing points.

To cater for those using front linkages, Vaderstad has developed the Front Tiller, allowing several operations to be combined into a single pass.

Comprising two rows of tines – Vaderstad says these can be a combination of Agrilla tines and a crossboard or a double crossboard – the Front Tiller comes in 3m and 4m working widths.

Rather than be carried on the tractors front linkage, Vaderstad has built the machine with its own depth wheels and the capability to add ballast weights to improve penetration in hard conditions. It is a design that allows the front linkage to be operated in the "float" position, enabling the Front Tiller to follow ground contours while maintaining the selected working depth.

Changes to the firms drill line-up include the introduction of a revised RDA Combi model. A 6m wide, grain and fertiliser drill, the new Combi version has an improved hydraulic system that enables the drill to be operated by a tractors own hydraulic system rather than have its own on-board system that was said to be difficult to keep cool.

"High horsepower tractors now come with very sophisticated hydraulic systems, so it makes more sense to utilise such powerful systems rather than equip the drill with its own hydraulic system and put yet another control box in the cab," says Mr Needham.

A revised steering drawbar on the RDA Combi is said to provide improved manoeuvrability when making headland turns.

Other changes to the drill range include hydraulic seed metering drive on all pneumatic models, which is said to simplify variable seed rate use for those considering GPS systems. And a low-level hydraulic filling auger is now available as an option for those handling seed in bulk.

Vaderstad adds that its quick-change system for swapping working elements on cultivation equipment is also being introduced to the drill range for 2002. &#42

Vaderstads front tiller, in combination with a Rapid 400 drill.

Carrier cultivators can now be specified with a ripper/crossboard tool for working directly on ploughed land as used by the Rexius Twin cultivator.

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