Quota market quiet with milk at record low prices

By FWi staff

THERE has been little change in the milk quota market this week as vendors expectations remain high, while lessees hold back as milk prices fall to their lowest value in years.

Demand is limited for the purchase of clean milk quota. And with vendors holding out for higher prices very little is being traded.

With this stand-off between buyer and seller, values eased slightly with 4% butterfat at 33.75ppl and 3.69% at 30.5ppl.

100% used milk quota sale prices slipped, in line with the clean prices, at about 26.25ppl.

Demand remains steady for leased quota, although the quantity entering the market has fallen again this week.

With continued interest, prices have remained stable with 4% butterfat at 6.8ppl and 3.69% at 6.0ppl.

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