10 May 2002


What would you say if someone offered you money? Youd think there was a catch, right? Not here.

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution and FARMERS WEEKLY have teamed up to launch a grant scheme to provide funds for hard-pressed farming families.

Its simple. If you need cash for household bills or domestic expenses, well try to get it to you. Dont feel embarrassed, theres barely a farmer in Britain who wouldnt have benefited from such help at some time over the past, dreadful year for British agriculture.

Crisis after crisis has hit our industry, bringing money worries to homes where such worries have never occurred before. So why not take advantage of help with items such as fuel, telephone and food bills? Our aim is simply to help recovery on the home front, as our Farmlife Section explains.

We appreciate it is a difficult step to pick up the phone and contact RABI. But please do. People who have already done so speak of the big difference it can make to their lives and many they wish they had made that call at an earlier stage.

It could be just the opportunity youre looking for. The opportunity to get you back on a more stable financial footing. The opportunity to put some worries behind you. The opportunity to sow the seeds of a better, more prosperous, future.

Thousands of rural people have already benefited from RABIs help. More money is still available. People donated it to RABI to help farmers because they know what a vital role you play in feeding the nation and caring for the countryside.

They gave it to RABI to give to you. Its what they wanted.

This could be a once-in-lifetime opportunity. Can you and your family afford not to take it? Make that call today and look to the future with confidence.

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