2 June 1931

RABIs helping hand

HUNDREDS of farming families are set to benefit from cash help, thanks to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution/farmers weekly Grant Scheme.

More than 200 people had called the helpline by Monday (May 27), just two weeks after the ground-breaking scheme was launched, and more are ringing every day.

"We had the feeling that we were not reaching everybody who needed help," says RABI chief executive, Tony McMahon. "But this scheme is helping to do that."

Farmers, farm managers, farm workers and their families are all eligible, with money available to help with household bills and domestic expenses such as fuel, food and phone bills.

And with more cash available to give out under the confidential scheme, Mr McMahon is urging others to get in touch. "Call us without delay," he says.

"Farming families are, and have always been, proud resilient and independent, and many view asking support as a sign of failure. But try not to.

"Problems have arisen due to all manner of reasons: It might be as a result of foot-and-mouth or low returns in the arable sector. Alternatively, it might be due to an illness or injury to a breadwinner or possibly even the breakdown in a family relationship."

lFull details of the scheme will be in Farmlife on June 14. &#42


If you are in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, please ring 01865-727888. If in Scotland, where the scheme is available via the Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution, call 0131-3331023.