Rain checks variable rape harvest

8 August 2001

Rain checks variable rape harvest

RAIN has stopped play for Robert Pask, who farms near Grantham in Lincolnshire. He has finished winter barley and two thirds of winter oilseed rape.

There have been problems with oilseed rape, common across two varieties, Fortress and Pyramid. On lighter brash soil, the crop has not ripened.

“Samples have been sent off to ADAS to be tested. The seeds are small and have remained green. We dont desiccate or swath the crop.”

The samples have shown the crop to be sulphur deficient.

Nevertheless, on clay loam it has yielded 3.5-4t/ha (1.4-1.6t/acre), which is average and between 2-2.5t/ha (0.8-1t/acre) on the brash soil.

“Winter barley has been a little disappointing, although it is a similar story locally.”

Pearl has yielded 6.7t/ha (2.7t/acre), which is about 0.5t/ha (0.2t/acre) down on average. Quality is good, nitrogen 1.75% and the sample looks good. It has already been sold.

The farm is about one-third through harvest. He says spring barley should be fit after three hot days and wheat will not be far behind. The farm also does contract work.

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