Rain wrecks hopes for wheat prices

17 September 1999

Rain wrecks hopes for wheat prices

FARMERS have produced a record wheat harvest this year but weather damage has dashed hopes of high prices, according to the agribusiness group Dalgety.

Dalgety said Friday 6 August was seen as “Black Friday” in the southern half of Britain at its annual harvest presentation in London yesterday (Thursday).

But producers in Scotland and the north of England gathered in bumper crops in terms of both yield and quality, it said.

Rain is expected to wreak havoc on supplies with some seed stocks showing up to 40% sprouting, according to David Neale, Dalgetys national seeds manager.

English malting barley was described as only “usable” and Scottish malting barley is expected to find ready markets in the south, reversing last years position.

Some 23.5m tonnes in all was expected to be produced but bread-making grain would have to be imported, said Dalgety.

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