Ramularia on the rise

11 July 1997

Ramularia on the rise

RAMULARIA can be found in sugar beet crops in all regions, but growers should wait before deciding to spray, says Mike Asher at Brooms Barn.

Recent downpours and rapid crop growth have encouraged infection. "I have never seen it this early," he says.

Growers should monitor crops and treat if the disease spreads. If control is needed, timing the spray to coincide with mildew control will dilute the cost, he advises.

Growers should check for that disease from mid-July onwards. "We expect mildew to appear in the next three to four weeks. Usually it is treated with sulphur, which costs about £7/acre. Alto costs about three times as much, but controls ramularia and rust as well."

Ramularia is characterised by white centred spots.n

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