RBS urges co-operation between farmers

06 April 1998

RBS urges co-operation between farmers

THE Royal Bank of Scotlands new agricultural support manager Ian Kenny has blamed lack of co-operation between farmers for robbing them of their collective strengths.

Kenny plans to move the issue of partnership and co-operation between farmers up the agenda. He says this is crucial if farming is to weather the changes of the next few years.

He aims to drive home the message of group activity within the industry while retaining farmer individuality.

He also says farmers need to accept that Agenda 2000 is not an end in itself. There would be more changes to the Common Agricultural Policy in subsequent years.

He argues the way forward for the Scottish beef industry is through niche quality production because Scotland cannot compete in volume terms with beef produced in Canada and Argentina.

  • The Scotsman 06/04/98 page 18

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