Rebel farm leader reveals big plans

09 September 1999

Rebel farm leader reveals big plans

FRENCH rebel farm leader José Bové plans to head a Europe-wide producer and consumer crusade against sale bouffle (dirty food), reports The Independent.

Mr Bové, who is opposed to the globalisation of the food chain, was imprisoned last month after leading an attack on a half-built McDonalds in the south of France.

This was primarily a protest against the US sanctions on French food exports which were imposed after Europe banned imports of US hormone-treated beef.

The protest has since broadened to a general attack on modern industrial farming, the scientific manipulation of food as well as the iniquities of international trade.

Mr Bové, who chose to stay in jail rather than paying a bail fee, has in the meantime become a national hero, courted by all of Frances political parties.

He said yesterday that he plans a Europe-wide alliance of small farmers and consumers against agribusiness and cheap, tasteless and genetically modified food.

The first target of the campaign would be the world trade talks taking place in Seattle in late November.

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