RECO spreads its wings

5 July 2002

RECO spreads its wings

RECO has expanded its product portfolio by taking on distribution of the Jeantil range of rear discharge muck spreaders.

Built in 10.5 to 17.6cu m capacities, the spreaders use twin 800mm diameter vertical augers which contra-rotate at 450rpm.

The augers, says Reco, can shred and spread a range of manure-types to widths from 8m to 12m at application rates of up to 50t/ha (20t/acre).

The chassis, floor and sides are made of a single welded monocoque structure. Complete emptying and thorough cleaning of the spreaders is achieved by curved sidewalls, while the speed of a hydraulically driven conveyor can be controlled from the cab.

Other features include a sprung-drawbar, an integral access ladder and rear lights which can be retracted automatically to avoid damage when working in the field.

Price for the EVR16.12 Jeantil spreader with 16cu m/12t capacity is from £15,225. &#42

Jeantil muck spreaders offering capacities from10.5cu m to 17.6cu m are now available from Reco.

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