Recommendation to throw list away

17 November 2000

Recommendation to throw list away

IF you want to grow wheat more profitably, throw away your Recommended List.

That was just one suggestion presented to delegates by John Blackman, managing director of CPB Twyford.

He also urged growers to grow barley and oilseed rape, aim for 12t/ha wheat yields and to increase inputs.

UK average yields and new variety comparisons on the Recommended List are of little interest to growers, said Mr Blackman.

Although data on variety performance is important, information needs evaluating more for recommendations to be meaningful, he said.

Growing barley and oilseed rape will allow wheat to be grown more profitably and barley is a productive second and subsequent cereal in its own right, especially on light land where second wheats are unreliable. Barley is also equivalent to half a break in subsequent wheat, he said. &#42

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