Redundant collies need a home

30 November 2001

Redundant collies need a home

An animal charity is appealing for experienced foster carers for Border Collies made redundant after the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

A spokesman for Border Collie Rescue, based in Richmond, North Yorkshire, said more than 100 dogs had been reluctantly handed over since February by farmers who had been affected by the disease.

"About 65 of these dogs have been rehomed but there are still a further 40 in kennels and we have another 80 on our waiting list," said rescuer, Mike Cooke.

"There have been a large number of inquiries from people wanting to take dogs but to make sure they go to the right homes, they need to be tried out on sheep first.

"We are looking for experienced dog people, preferably those who have kept the breed before, to take in dogs for assessment and possible retraining before we can find them suitable homes."

Mr Cooke stressed that the charity, which operates countrywide, had received special permission from DEFRA to remove and isolate farm dogs under strict biosecurity rules.

Anyone wishing to contact Border Collie Rescue to offer help or make a donation should contact the centre Tel: 01748 850025, email:

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