Registration fall, but tractor sales are more level

29 June 2001

Registration fall, but tractor sales are more level

By Andy Collings

TRACTOR registrations during the month of May totalled 1045 – a 17.9% fall on the same period last year – reports the Agricultural Engineers Association.

That brings the year-to-date figure to 4227 units, which is only marginally less than for the Jan/May total last year.

Despite the predicted negative impact of foot-and-mouth disease on tractor sales, sales this year have been markedly more level than last year. Hence the seemingly large percentage falls and gains when this years figures are compared with the peaks and troughs of last year. For example, the increase of 20.8% in April this year was mainly due to low sales in April 2000.

The AEA points out that it is the year-to-date figure which is the true barometer for the state of the market – and, so far, it would appear to be mirroring last year. &#42

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