Reliable milk meter

3 August 2001


Next generation Ricecrest sire in UK

RICECREST Labryinth is the first proven sire from the next generation at the Ricecrest herd in Pennsylvania to become available in the UK, says breeding company Genus.

He is the first of 25 sons of Ricecrest Luke Lauren VG89 (pictured) to receive a proof and also the first son of Pen-Col Duster to be available in the UK, says the firm.

Duster is the highest second crop sire in the US for productive life by some considerable distance, says Genuss James Simpson. Labryinth is said to offer a combination of longevity, with type and production.

He offers 591kg of milk, 9.5kg of fat and 15.4kg of protein with a type merit score of 1.75. He has a PIN of £33 and a PLI of £39. Straws cost £18 each (0870-1622000, fax 01270-217777).

Respect for animals

FOR the livestock industry to move forward, producers and animal rights activists must respect each other and debate the principal of respect for animals, says Gordon Gatward, author of Livestock Ethics.

In the book Dr Gatward, an agricultural chaplin, develops criteria for assessing the ethical status of intensive livestock production, based on the degree of respect shown to the animal. He argues respect implies a duty of care for animals, shown through skilled stockmanship and responsible ownership.

He concludes that some practices are ethically unacceptable, such as beak clipping, while others, including robotic milking, are not.

Published by Chalcombe Publications, Livestock Ethics costs £16.50 in the UK and £21 elsewhere (01673-863023, fax 01673-863108).

Reliable milk meter

THE Afiflo milk meter handles and collects a range of herd data during milking, as well as controlling parlour equipment, says maker Fullwood.

The meter is said to use the latest technology to ensure high operating reliability and excellent recording accuracy at milk flows of up to 20kg/min.

A measuring flask (above), with minimal moving parts, allows the meter to drain quickly, yet use small quantities of cleaning solution, says the company.

Data on each animal can be called up and keyed in because the Afiflo is compatible with Fullwoods management software.

The Afiflo can also control pulsation equipment, gates and operate automatic cluster removal. It can be installed in any Fullwood parlour and costs from £800/milking point (01691-622391, fax 01691-627361).

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