Renault improvements

11 February 2000

Renault improvements

RENAULT has upgraded its bottom-end Pales Herdsman tractor range by improving cab comfort and extending machine specification.

Cabs for the companys 52hp and 76hp models are now equipped with right instead of left-handed main controls – an arrangement claimed to provide easier operation. These controls include gear lever, range selector and mechanical splitter, together with hydraulic spool levers.

The range can also now be fitted with an independent hydraulic circuit, separate from the steering circuit.

Designed specifically for loader operation, the independent circuit is intended to provide a more consistent hydraulic flow and quicker loader response.

Other improvements to the Pales Herdsman range, plus the smaller Dionis and Fructus models, is the option of a 40kph transmission which is available complete with four wheel braking.

The higher speed 40kph transmission has been achieved by increasing the number of gears via a mechanical doubler to create 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds.

Prices for the Pales Herdsman models start at £16,560 for the 52hp model and £22,415 for the 76hp version. &#42

The Pales Herdsman range from Renault now offers improved in-cab control layout and an optional dual hydraulic system for better loader operation.

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