Renderer warns of legal loophole in MBM ban

01 May 1998

Renderer warns of legal loophole in MBM ban

PAUL FOXCROFT, managing director of Prosper De Mulder, told the inquiry into Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) that pig farmers were exploiting a legal loophole to obtain banned meat and bonemeal for feeding to their animals.

He said several hundred tonnes a week were being bought from abattoirs for swill feeding. He claimed this was possible under the Waste Food Order, which allowed the feeding of liquified meat and bone material, as opposed to the rendered and dried material banned from feeding to any farm animal.

He attacked what he called the Governments “simplistic” approach to BSE issue and criticised scientists and the media.

  • The Herald 01/05/98 page 28

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