Residential farms demand unabated

10 July 1998

Residential farms demand unabated

DEMAND for residential farms located in popular areas continues despite the strength of the £ and its effect on farm profitability.

However, most of the farms fitting into this category on the market are in the north or north-west and offer good value for money according to Strutt & Parkers recently published Land Business.

It predicts: "Residential farms in fashionable locations will continue to be popular, well located commercial and residential farms in less popular areas will remain a reasonable option, but commercial farms in unpopular areas may be hard to sell."

How much will £2m buy?

Berks 397 acres Yorks 483 acres

Arable: £1.17m Arable: £1.53m

Farmhouse: Farmhouse:

£650,000 £380,000

Misc: £30,000 Misc: £20,000

Cottage: Cottage:

£150,000 £70,000

Strutt & Parker

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