Retailers back UK pork

13 October 2000

Retailers back UK pork

RETAILER commitment to British pig meat is propping up prices despite the 15-17% gap between domestic and cheaper imported product.

Processor Malton Bacon is topping the adjusted eurospec average by 5p/kg this week, offering 104.7p/kg dw before adjustments.

Suppliers were told recently it would only take about 80% of contracted volume after sales to the USA and Japan were hit by swine fever controls. However, with the locking up of supplies in the swine fever-hit eastern region, there are several large abattoirs looking to guarantee deliveries, says supply group Scot Lean.

Other processors are hovering about 3p/kg below Maltons contract. Dalehead dropped its offal charges of £1.50/pig this week, giving producers a 0.5p/kg increase in returns – the balance being retained in the business. &#42

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