Revival for Nigerian palm oil business

12 March 1999

Revival for Nigerian palm oil business

ONE man is leading a single-handed revival of Nigerias once-thriving oil palm industry, reports the Financial Times.

Ganiyu Badnus is credited with developing cheap and simple machines that could revolutionise smallholder oil palm processing in the region.

His machinery handles considerably less than the huge processors used by industrial plants.

But the oil produced from his systems command prices three times higher than hand-pressed produce and produces 20 times as much with the same manpower.

Mr Badnus is now trying to raise the money needed to build a simple manufacturing plant to build his kit in industrial quantities.

Future development of Nigerias industry still remains hamstrung by a number of other factors.

These include complicated land laws, poor rural infrastructure, few effective extension services and policy inconsistency.

  • Financial Times 12/03/99 page 30

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