Right-depth subsoiling

22 December 2000

Right-depth subsoiling

DEEP, single pass sub-soiling can contaminate topsoil with sterile underlying earth, says Cambs-based Tim Howard Engineering which has developed its Mega-Lift implement in five- and seven-leg versions.

The company says the best way to eliminate topsoil contamination and compaction is to lift 30cm (12in) in each pass – with three needed to achieve a 1m (3.3ft) maximum working depth. Operating depth of the Mega-Lift is set by a rear packer roller which is adjusted by two double acting hydraulic rams. Tine options include cultivator or wide subsoiler versions fitted to legs 70cm (28in) apart. Shear bolt protection is standard.

Available with a trailer end-tow kit, the five and seven leg subsoilers are priced at £10,200 and £12,400, respectively. &#42

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