Rivers ‘likely’ to drop out of NVZ published

DEFRA has started producing a list of the areas where land may be removed from a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone following successful appeals.

The department is stressing it is unable to confirm the final status of specific holdings until revised maps have been produced in early 2010.

However, it has said on the basis of appeals decisions made to date, land draining into the water bodies listed below is likely to be removed from the NVZ.

DEFRA has said it will keep updating the list on its website until final details of all land affected are available.

“Farmers who believe that their holding (or part of their holding) drains into one of these water bodies may wish to defer the commitment of any significant expenditure (eg for the construction of slurry storage) but should continue to comply with other NVZ Action Programme requirements,” the website states.

Rivers listed:

– River Deer (with the exception of the Old Mills Stream)

– River Kemp

– River Meon (with the exception of the Whitewool Stream)

– River Mersey, between the weir at the Manchester Ship Canal and the confluence point of the River Goyt

– River Wear (with the exception of the Valley Burn tributary)

– Meathop Marsh Drain

Farmers with queries about appeals or the appeal process are being advised to contact the secretariat for the NVZ Appeals Panel.