Roadless Traction day takes place in Lincolnshire on 27 September

Roadless Traction action marks 90 years

Q A working day solely for Roadless Traction products is being held on 27 September at Scopwick, Lincolnshire LN4 3JB.

It’s to commemorate the fact that the company that made the famous Roadless Tractors would have been celebrating 90 years in business this year.

Entries have been coming in from all over the UK, say the organisers, including Northern Ireland and Eire. It expects 90 Roadless tractors, working or on display, to be there.

Mervyn Ford will also be trying to recreate his Guinness World record for the fastest acre ploughed on a Roadless 115.

Q For more information email David Leech at or ring him on 07977 441 270.

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