Rogue pigs send farmer to jail

A NORFOLK FARMER who was served with an anti-social behaviour order for failing to keep his pigs fenced in was arrested just five hours later after the animals escaped again. 

The Times reports that Brian Hagen was arrested at his house on Tues (Dec 14) after police were called to investigate a complaint from a neighbour.

Mr Hagen was later released on bail and told to appear before King‘s Lynn magistrates‘ court on Thurs (Dec 16).

The pigs repeatedly escape onto the road bordering one side of the field and attempt to dig under a fence into a neighbouring paddock on the other side.

Jacky Howe, who owns the paddock, and uses it to train her prize winning Great Danes, told the paper she fears the animals may eventually fight with each other.

“These are hunting dogs originally bred for hunting wild boar,” said Mrs Howe.

The paper reports that Mr Hagen had earlier told reporters he intended to abide by the court ruling and would be strengthening his fencing.

He also claimed that villagers were ‘making a fuss‘.

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