Round baler is out

13 November 1998

Round baler is out

FIRST seen at the Irish Ploughing Match, Welgers new round baler line up for the 1999 season is now available for the UK market.

Numbering five in total, the RP 202 range comprises two models – the Farmer and the Ranger – while the RP220 range includes the Farmer, Master and Profi models. These balers now replace the companys RP 120 and 220 series.

Common to all the new models is the use of a 50/50 powersplit gearbox in which 50% of the power input is employed to driver the balers rollers and 50% to power the pick-up and feed rotor – an arrangement which claims to improve reliability and performance.

Pick-up widths extend from 1.5m (5ft) for the 202 Farmer, 2m (6.5ft) on the Ranger and 2.25m (7ft) for the 220 range.

A feature of the 220 series is a system which allows blockages in the bale chamber feed to be cleared by the operator, without the need for him to leave the tractor. Called Hydroflexcontrol – standard on the Master and Profi models – two hydraulic rams are activated to open the feed channel and lower the chopping knives to enable the mass of material to enter the bale chamber. This system avoids the need for a reversing system.

In the bale chamber itself, 18 rollers, constructed with 3.2mm steel walls and 10 ribs are driven by automatically lubricated roller chains. Profi models are said to benefit from the addition of greaseable roller bearings and heavy-duty drive chains.

Available with net or twine wrapping options, price of the basic RP 202 Farmer model starts at £12,325, while the top of the range Profi carries a price tag of £23,150.

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