RPA makes electronic version of the Soil Protection Review available

The Rural Payments Agency has made a copy of the Soil Protection Review available on its website, so farmers, who want to, can complete it on screen.

The review can be downloaded to a personal computer, completed and then saved ready for an inspection (as a precaution it would also be wise to print a copy off).

Customers wishing to qualify for a full 2006 Single Payment Scheme payment must complete the Soil Protection Review (SPR) template by 1 September 2006 as part of the Cross Compliance standards (GAEC 1).

The template has to be retained and made available for inspection and should be updated annually or sooner if necessary. A SPR is not required for common land unless the farmer is the sole occupier.

Producers are urged to refer to the Single Payment Scheme Cross Compliance Guidance for Soil Management 2006 edition when completing the template.

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