RPA puts subsidy details on the net

The Rural Payments Agency has published figures detailing the amount of money it paid out in CAP support to farmers and businesses in 2004/05.

In total £1.87bn was allocated, with Tate & Lyle being the biggest beneficiary.

In the year to 15 October, 2005, Britain’s only sugar cane refiner received £109m spread across two claims.

Consequently it occupies first and third place in the rankings.

Another 28 businesses received sums in excess of £1m, worth a total £267m.

The figures relate to the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) and other farm-based payments, including structural funds payments made by the RPA for England.

They also cover all other CAP subsidy payments, such as export refunds, production aid, intervention purchasing and other non-IACS schemes, for the whole of the UK.

The data show:

  • A total of £1.4bn was paid out in 90,732 transactions to farmers during the course of the 2004/05;

  • 27,521 regional non-farm CAP payments were made totalling 431m;

  • A list of the top 200 payments to farmers and the top 200 payments to traders.

Similar information on the 2005 SPS payments to farmers and growers in England is due to be published on the RPA website in due course.

The information is published in a series of files on the RPA website – www.rpa.gov.uk – in the “news releases” folder.

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