Russian market threatens pigmeat business

By FWi staff

PRICES throughout the EU have until now been assisted by the high volume of manufacturing product sold on the Russian market.

However traders report that this door may soon start closing, which could hit demand at the bottom end of the pigmeat market and lower prices paid for surplus fat.

The latest Dutch AEX pig futures paint a reasonably bright picture with all bids over 80p per kg through to next March.

These prices have been boosted by French consumers switching to pigmeat and away from beef due to their erupting BSE crisis.

The UK AESA remained a touch firmer to stand at 103.33p/kg this week with spot traders prepared to pay up to 118p/kg for lightweights.

Heavier pigs have been held at stand on levels, between 106-110p in the main.

Store pig and cull sow prices have also remained firm with the Farmers Weekly 30kg average weaner price quoted at 34.79 per head.

Cull sows are worth between 68-72p/kg deadweight, which values the average sow at 95 per head.

Abattoir buyers are still finding it hard to find enough pigs of the right weight, and until further CSF zone restrictions are lifted in East Anglia numbers will remain tight in the eastern region.

  • Peter Crichton is a Suffolk-based pig farmer offering independent valuation and consultancy services to the UK pig industry

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