Salmonella affects thousands of pigs

7 December 2000

‘Salmonella affects thousands of pigs’

By FWi staff

THOUSANDS of pigs slaughtered in Britain each year are contaminated with the salmonella food poisoning bug, report Government scientists.

Now people will be asked to ensure pork is thoroughly cooked after Ministry of Agriculture checks found the bacteria in 5.3% of carcasses in abattoirs.

Many of the strains are resistant to antibiotics, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Salmonella was found in only 0.2% of cattle, and 0.1% of sheep in abattoirs.

Figures suggests that up to 700,000 of the 13 million pigs slaughtered in the past year could have some form of the disease by the time they reach the butchers hook, says The Telegraph.

It adds that the Ministry of Agriculture calculates that nearly 23% of the nations pigs are affected by salmonella.

A code of practice is being launched by MAFF and the Meat and Livestock Commission to help farmers reduce salmonella and will be incorporated immediately in farm assurance schemes.

The Food Standards Agency and the MLC will urge consumers to cook pigmeat properly and pay attention to basic kitchen hygiene.

Experts have also revealed that 94.5% of live pigs are infected with campylobacter, the most common source of gastric illness in humans.

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