Sarcasm greets cannibal pig ad

31 May 2000

Sarcasm greets ‘cannibal’ pig ad

CONTROVERSIAL advertisements for British pigmeat are the subject of a sarcastic editorial in The Independent.

The adverts highlight that overseas producers may feed animal remains to pigs appeared in newspapers on Tuesday (30 May).

They feature a sow suckling her piglets and carries the caption: “After shes fed them, she could be fed to them.”

The Independent says while the ad looks like the work of the Vegetarian Society it is “in fact for the Pig-Slaughterers Society aka the Meat and Livestock Commission”.

The newspaper says it is “thrilled” the British pig “leads such a happy, fulfilled life”, and that “the condemned animal eats so well before it is taken out for execution”.

It ponders over whether pigs eat organic muesli for breakfast, “before being turned into a delicious fry-up themselves”.

It adds: “Three cheers for the dead but blissfully contented British pig”.

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