Scald cases rise

4 July 1997

Scald cases rise

CASES of scald in sheep are rising due to warm, wet weather.

Scald – which appears as a soft, white area of skin between the cleaves of the foot – is extremely painful and can cause affected animals to lose condition, says Herefordshire vet Derek Stoakes.

"It is more likely to occur in the current weather because the sheeps feet are in constant contact with wet grass which softens skin between the cleaves," he says.

This allows the bacterium to establish and cause infection.

Mr Stoakes suggests using a 5% formalin foot bath rather than zinc-based baths to treat or prevent scald.

"While zinc penetrates the skin and is, therefore, better at treating foot-rot, formalin is better at killing bugs on the skin surface. Formalin also hardens skin between the cleaves so reducing the chances of further infection," he explains. &#42

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