Schools pack is anti-meat

1 December 2000

Schools pack ‘is anti-meat’

By FWi staff

A TEACHING pack for primary-school children has upset farmers and meat-industry organisations who that claim it carries an anti-meat message.

The pack, from a group called Share the World, includes a poem encouraging children to think about how a cow feels about being eaten.

“How would you feel if a cow ate you?/Caught you and bopped you, and chopped you in two.”

It continues: “So sometimes at dinner when you are starting to chew,/put down your steak and ponder this through,/how would you feel if a cow ate you?”

A spokesman from the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) said he was surprised by the content, which he felt was inappropriate for children.

He added: “At that age children have vivid imaginations. The slightest thing can give them nightmares.”

The MLC has just produced a new pack for primary schools aimed at five to seven year olds called The Children who Live on Planet Food, he said.

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