Science comes to aid of dairy trade

24 April 1998

Science comes to aid of dairy trade

SCIENTISTS can provide dairy farmers with a whole new armoury of techniques designed to restore the healthy image of milk and dairy products.

Dr Bridget Drew, head of dairy research with the ADAS consultancy, said new techniques can offer farmers an alternative to cost-cutting as a way of staying in business, as well as provide healthier and more fertile cattle.

Dr Drew will unveil her list of remedies at the Royal Agricultural College Association conference in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, today.

It includes dairy diets which will produce milks which can help reduce heart disease and fight cancer as well as provide commercially desirable traits such as semi-skimmed milk production, straight from the cow, naturally spreadable butter straight from the fridge and higher cheese yields.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is funding a new programme of research into the possible health benefits of milk and dairy products.

  • The Scotsman 24/04/98 page 30

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